Classes: Start the Deal™

Classes: Start the Deal™

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Classes: Start the Deal™
  • Class: The Why You™ UNPLUGGED! ("Triggers")

    Presented Live: January 24th @ 11am ET

    The entire WYWYN prospecting technique is predicated on the use of sales triggers with these compelling events becoming the subject of the first line of every email and cold call. In this class Jeff and CeCe discuss research techniques, universal triggers a...

  • Class: No Response? Now What? - Your Prospecting Sequence

    Presented live: March 14th @ 11am ET

    Most initial prospecting attempts fail to generate a response. To follow up appropriately, we discuss the strategy in follow up of outreach attempts vs inbound leads, how to prospect both wider AND deeper within the lead source, and how to execute a cadence ...

  • Class: Voice Mail: Should I or Shouldn't I?

    Presented Live: February 14th @ 11am ET

    Voicemails may seem like a black hole, but they are a key part of any outreach strategy. When do you leave them? What do they sound like? And how do they fit into your cadence? CeCe and Jeff share all the do's and don'ts of phone and voice mail in this class.

  • Class: The Why You Now™ UNPLUGGED! ("Value")

    Presented Live: January 31st @ 11am ET

    The entire WYWYN prospecting technique is predicated on the use of sales triggers but triggers are meaningless without a strong tieback to the value you deliver. In this class, Jeff and CeCe discuss the art of driving urgency and relevancy through your valu...

  • Class: Closing Your Email!

    Presented Live: May 23rd @ 11am ET

    We know we want a meeting. We will "settle" for a referral. Is that enough when we prospect? In this Level 1 class, we dramatically widen the different types of closes available to use that can increase engagement rates while advancing opportunities quickly....

  • Class: Cadence for BDRs

    Presented live on May 16th @ 2pm

    It's one thing to be persistent. It's another to be pestering. Closers know the difference. In this level 1 class we dissect why traditional cadence models fail, and reveal a way to build curiosity and urgency in the process. By adopting small changes in your ...

  • Discovering the 'A' in Bant

  • Discovering the 'N' in Bant

  • Discovering the 'T' in Bant