Classes: Close the Deal™

Classes: Close the Deal™

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Classes: Close the Deal™
  • Class: Hammer it Closed®: Buying Signs

    Presented Live: March 8th @ 11am ET

    One of the hallmarks of great closing is knowing how to be assertive, but also reasonable. One of our guideposts to achieving this is the recognition of buying signs. In this class we explore the verbal, and non-verbal, signals a buyer communicates when the...

  • Class: How Do I Close for the Technical Win?

    Presented Live: January 24th @ 1pm ET

    This class is designed for both AEs and SEs as they pursue this milestone close ("Get") within the Scorecard. Timing in the demo and trial process is introduced. We will discuss the importance of exposing all technical objections, leveraging the AE/SE rela...

  • Class: The "Gets" UNPLUGGED! ("Commitment")

    Presented Live: March 7th @ 11am ET

    The secret to closing any deal is knowing when to ask your first close. And that's the first time a prospect asks for something. In this Unplugged edition of, we explore the specific types of closes that can be utilized at every milestone. You learn how to ...

  • Class: The "Gives" UNPLUGGED! ("Leverage")

    Presented Live: February 7th @ 11am ET

    The entire Gives & Gets™ negotiation technique is predicated on you leveraging moments in your sales process where your buyer asks something of you— What is it that they ask for? Well, in this class Jeff and CeCe discuss the early, middle, and late stage Ge...

  • Class: The "Gives Gets" Exchange UNPLUGGED! (Reciprocity)

    Presented Live: March 28th @ 11am ET

    In this Unplugged! Class will investigate the 7 step - process of exchanging a Give for a valuable Get. We review the details of the linguistic technique which transforms the initial buyer's request through a revealing qualifying technique until we reach a...

  • Class: The Scorecard® UNPLUGGED! ("Clarity")

    Presented Live: April 4th @ 11am ET

    In this Unplugged class, we do a deep dive in determining the results of any Scorecard® on an individual opportunity. We review the value of the "Gets" (deal health) and "Gives" (time remaining), and what it means for any sale. We explain the directional imp...