Classes: Work the Deal™

Classes: Work the Deal™

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Classes: Work the Deal™
  • Class: Accelerate Your Next Perfect Meeting™ (Prep)

    Presented Live: January 31st @ 1pm ET

    Your meeting is only as successful as your prep. In this class, Jeff and CeCe teach you how to get in front of turbulent moments through your preparation and establish high levels of Social Value™ before you ever walk into the room. Prepare for successful me...

  • Class: Accelerate Your Last Perfect Meeting™ (Follow Up)

    Presented Live: February 7th @ 1pm ET

    You had The Perfect Meeting™, but what’s next? In this level 2 class you will learn that follow up is so much more than a “recap email.” Learn how to accelerate deals post-meeting with CeCe and Jeff’s favorite tactics for during and immediately after each in...

  • Class: How Do I Conduct My Perfect Meeting® Virtually?

    Presented Live: April 13th @ 1pm

    Conducting The Perfect Meeting® requires dedication to the 3-close intro, and faithful progression through the 7 named categories. But how do we apply this technique when the meeting is virtual? In this Level 2 class, we leverage our technique by taking full ad...

  • Class: The 'Company' Question UNPLUGGED!

    Presented Live: April 18th @ 11am

    In this UNPLUGGED class, we investigate in detail the importance of the Company layer in the Perfect Meeting®. Designed to qualify while establishing the Student-Teacher paradigm, we pursue the topics of the customer's customers, products, and competitors. Ea...

  • Class: How Do I Uncover the 'B' in BANT?

    Presented Live: April 25th @ 11am

    Uncovering budget is one of the most challenging motions for salespeople, regardless of experience. Determining the prospect's specific ability to purchase is elusive as most customers are reluctant to share these details at even the latest stages of a deal. In ...

  • Class: The Org Q Unplugged!: The Importance of People and Places

    Presented Live: May 2nd @ 11am

    In this deep-dive "Unplugged" class, we explore the hidden power of the Organization band within The Perfect Meeting®. By exploring people, locations, roles, and positions early in Discovery we can go to great depths in determining deal health, strategy, and next ...

  • Class: How to Manage Renewals and Upsells

    Presented Live: June 6th @ 11am

    In this class, Jeff will talk about the importance of the first 30 days of a customer's journey and how to close for "the grade" to get ahead of upsells and renewals.

  • Class: The Industry Question Unplugged: Starting The Perfect Meeting®

    Presented Live: June 22nd @ 11am

    In this UNPLUGGED class, we investigate in detail the importance of the Industry layer in the Perfect Meeting®. Designed to disarm your buyer and shift the paradigm from Buyer-Seller to Student-Teacher, the Industry question is a critical component of a successfu...

  • Class: Discovering the 'N' in Bant

    Presented Live: June 27th @ 11am ET

    In this class, we look at defining, qualifying, and closing for "Need." We discuss how you can use the N in BANT as an opportunity to uncover topics such as competition, buying history, and org-structure earlier in deals than ever before so you can quickly qu...

  • Class: Discovering the 'T' in Bant

    Presented Live: July 18th @ 11am

    Uncovering timeframe is a critical element of our discovery and deal process, but timeframe isn’t just a date on the calendar. In this Level 2 class, we explore how the art and science of layering in questions about timeframe in order to qualify deals, build urge...

  • Class: The Intro Unplugged

    Presented Live: August 30th @ 11am ET

    Deals are won and lost after the first meeting-- or more specifically the first 5 minutes of that meeting. In this unplugged class, CeCe and Jeff dive into the Introduction band of The Perfect Meeting® pyramid and discuss the importance and tactics of every ...

  • Class: Work the Deal: How to multithread an existing account

    Presented Live: September 27th @ 11am ET

    Multi-threading is more than a buzzword. It is an age-old practice utilized by large account executives for decades. In this Level 2 class, we explore how to navigate even the most complicated org charts by moving north/south AND east/west by establishi...

  • Class: How to Increase Engagement Before, During, and After Your Next Meeting

    Presented Live: November 29th @ 11am ET

    Engagement during any sales call should never be assumed. Even the most motivated buyer is often conditioned to remain aloof, standoffish, and reserved when greeted with an unsophisticated seller. In this Level 1 class, we explore a variety of techniques...

  • Class: Pricing 101: The three most important pricing conversations

    Presented Live: March 20th @ 11am ET

    Few topics are as critical to the health of a deal as Pricing, so few Closers approach the topic without some level of anxiety. That's why we break down the topic of Pricing into three: Rate Card, Verbal, and Proposal. By separating the pricing discussion ...