Tuesdays with Hoffman: Season 6

Tuesdays with Hoffman: Season 6

Tuesdays with Hoffman is live each week at 1pm ET.

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Tuesdays with Hoffman: Season 6
  • February 14th: Objection Handling in a Recession

    Join us live as we dig in on how to respond to the most common objections we have all been hearing from our buyers. Whether it's frozen budgets or push-offs to spring, we have the answers you need to manage through uncertainty with grace, confidence and a full pipeline.

  • February 21st: What's in and what's out

    This week we are talking about what’s “in” and what’s “out” when it comes to running discovery calls and building pipeline in today’s world.

  • February 28th: what your buyer says vs. what your buyer means

    On this Tuesdays with Hoffman, we talk about what your buyer says vs. what your buyer means.

  • March 7th: Your Tone Matters

    This week, we're talking tone, language and finding your authentic voice.

  • March 14th: What is Power?

    Join us as we discuss how to identify power vs. non-power - how they talk, act, and buy in today’s world.

  • March 21st: Four Steps to Mastery

    Join Jeff as he unpacks the four steps to mastery. True mastery of any discipline comes from both the mind, and the hand. Understanding and competency both are required. In this OWN class, we explore the way to balance understanding with action to shorten the time to learn new techniques.