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Start the Deal™: Prospecting for Tradeshows

Summer 2024
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  • Voice Mail: Should I or Shouldn't I?

    Voicemails may seem like a black hole, but they are a key part of any outreach strategy. When do you leave them? What do they sound like? And how do they fit into your cadence? CeCe and Jeff share all the do's and don'ts of phone and voice mail in this class.

  • How to Increase Engagement Before, Du...

    Engagement during any sales call should never be assumed. Even the most motivated buyer is often conditioned to remain aloof, standoffish, and reserved when greeted with an unsophisticated seller. In this class, we explore a variety of techniques that can be deployed before, during, and after e...

  • The ABCs of Coaching Your Reps

    What or who motivates your sales team? While company goals should be a guiding force for the entire organization, most sales reps have their own motivating factors. Learn how to coach your reps with their language. In this class, Jeff shares the hallmarks of identifying and coaching your A, B, an...